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CTIA Summary
Two words can describe the theme and constant attention at this years CTIA event - revolutionizing wireless. During the three-day Las Vegas event, just over 1,000 manufacturers and supporting vendors showcased their mobile solutions, PDA applications, and wireless products to about 40,000 attendees from 120 countries.

The keynote speakers and the trade floor pavilions were were in sync and covered the convergence of just about every wireless-related solution on 400,000 square feet of floor space. A few of the keynotes attempted to tackle the most seemingly provocative revolutionary ideas for the future of wireless and mobile evolution while at the same time providing good commentary of what's available here and now.

April Fools Day Fun
If you enjoy an immature side (present company included) and are looking for April fools day shenanigans to bring a bit of levity without the downside risk of data loss or destruction, consider these gems:

  • Edit MS Word settings. Set the default text to “shimmer” or “ants marching” (Format > Font > Text Effects). You may also want to consider customizing the autocorrect configuration by suggesting that each insert of the letter “I” or your colleagues name be replaced with “Mr. Poopy Pants” (Tools > Autocorrect Options > check “Replace Text as You Type” > insert desired words in “Replace” and “With” boxes.)
  • Make an optical mouse go bananas. This one’s easy but oh-so-rewarding. Just place a small piece of tape (color the nonstick side with a Sharpie) over the laser sensor.
  • Change the language settings. You can do this on Google, Vista, or MS Office as well as other programs. Hilarity ensues as your coworker struggles to translate Greek.
  • Use a screen saver to fake a crash. Microsoft, in a bit of self deprecating mockery, offers a Blue Screen of Death screen saver that generates quick reactions.
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