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The Hardware Report is an independent review, research, analysis and rating service for enterprise hardware solutions. The primary objective of this website is to share information technology (IT) experiences, lessons learned and insight for the benefit of all participants. All content is fee of charge and free of vendor sponsorship, advertising or any other financial interest. The Hardware Report is authored by IT professionals and seeks feedback and candid communication with similar minded IT professionals, website visitors and interested participants. All hardware evaluation reviews, recommendations, insight and content are based on first hand experience by actual IT professionals and leverage social media channels in order to continually grow and validate a cross representation of real-world experience by actual users and gain sufficient user generated content to empower IT professionals when planning, evaluating, implementing and supporting enterprise hardware solutions.

Enterprise hardware solutions are organized in the following categories:

  • Servers, including rack mount and blade servers
  • Storage, primarily focused on SAN and NAS solutions
  • Security, with emphasis on security strategy, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems and advanced security techniques
  • Computers, including desktops, laptops and PDAs
  • Networks and networking equipment
  • Telephony, including VoIP (voice over IP), CTI (computer telephony integration), IVR (interactive voice response) and advanced telephony systems
  • Peripherals

Suggestions, constructive criticism and feedback are welcome and should be directed to feedback[at]hardwarereport.com.

Hardware Report is an industry recognized and trusted source for enterprise hardware evaluation, analysis and opinion as well as primary research and original content focused on hardware strategy, research, reviews and insight. Our analysis is based on first hand experience by seasoned practitioners using systemic processes. Our approach to computer hardware analysis and evaluation relies on the experience, opinions and reviews of users who contribute to this website. The user based findings provide a source for peer references who scrutinize hardware solutions without the distractions of marketing noise and vendor claims. The community's shared vetting processes and opinions offer perspective and clarity to the broader IT user community and as a by-product promote the most credible vendor solutions offering the greatest user value.
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